Investor Relations

For current holders, prospective purchasers, security analysts, and market makers who would like access to the Investor Center but have not yet been granted access by Jefferies LoanCore LLC (“JLC”), complete the following Certification Form. The completed form will sent electronically to Tyler Shea, Controller. Eligible persons who submit a completed certification form will receive an email with instructions for accessing the Investor Center.

For returning visitors, by entering the Investor Center you are certifying that you are one of the parties described in (i)-(v) under Financial Reports below and that you will notify JLC promptly of any change in your status.

Financial Reports

JLC is privately held and does not make its financial information available to the public. However, this information is provided on a confidential basis to: (i) JLC members; (ii) holders of the Senior Notes due 2020 (the “Notes”) issued by JLC and its wholly-owned subsidiary, JLC Finance Corporation; (iii) certain prospective investors in the Notes; (iv) security analysts who cover or intend to cover JLC and the Notes; and (v) market makers who regularly make or intend to make a market in the Notes via a secured information center (the “Investor Center”) on which JLC provides annual and quarterly reports and certain other information relating to its business.